Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The network perimeter has been turned inside out

The CISO needs to understand that modern cyberspace is turning the perimeter model inside out. Cloud and social applications have accelerated adoption in the Enterprise, but their protocols are effectively sealed at the perimeter. Think layered, custom, and encrypted. This has rendered network appliances and proxies nearly useless. In effect, the logical perimeter has been forced out onto the endpoint device itself. This has huge implications with regard to the monetary investments made by the Enterprise. Embrace the current state, when you say the word ‘perimeter’ you should immediately think ‘Endpoint’. The lack of this “perimeter is the endpoint” thinking, combined with an ever-increasing sophistication of attacks, is putting Enterprises at severe risk.

I posted a short (~5 min) video prezo about this here: The Vanishing Perimeter - YouTube

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