Thursday, May 12, 2011

Stop PDF Exploits Cold

I’m happy to announce that HBGary has released another free tool, similar to the Aurora scanner and the Chinese RAT catcher tools we released in past months. This one isn’t looking for malware, however. Acroscrub is an agentless scan of the enterprise that will find out-of-date versions of Acrobat Reader. Adobe is pretty good about patching vulnerabilities, but many machines in the enterprise won’t have the latest version of Acrobat Reader. PDF exploits are a common method used with spearphising attacks and APT intrusions so it’s imperative that organizations keep this software up to date. HBGary has released many popular free tools over the years and Acroscrub is another cool addition to the toolbox.

All of the existing free tools are available to users on the HBGary support site. We have upgraded the security on the community support site and now require two factor authentication for all access, both for commercial customers and for free tools, so that means no more direct downloads. I support this upgrade to authentication and believe it acceptable for legitimate practitioners in the security industry.