Tuesday, January 26, 2010

HBGary and Palantir

I am very excited about our new partnership with Palantir. The Palantir link analysis capability is outstanding. Our team here in Sacramento is currently processing over 1.5 gigs of malware drops per day for Digital DNA, the new link analysis capabilities will allow us to move from the malware developer to the actual individuals who are operating the malware. We are already able to use forensic toolmarks to identify the individual malware developers, but this next step of analysis is to actually track those that have purchased or funded the development of the malware weaponry, and subsequently operate the malware in live operations. While tracking the developers themselves is easy due to the nearly impossible-to-avoid toolmarking caused by code and compiler, tracking the operators is much more difficult. But, HBGary is going to make a dent in this problem. We are approaching malware the same way an intelligence agency would.