Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Flypaper 1.0 Released

I'm happy to announce the release of a free tool from HBGary. It's something I put together to save me time when doing malware analysis for customers.

Most malware is designed into two or three stage deployment. First, a dropper program will launch a second program, and then delete itself. The second program may take additional steps, such as injecting DLL's into other processes, loading a rootkit, etc. These steps are taken quickly, and it can be difficult for an analyst to capture all of the binaries used in the deployment. HBGary Flypaper solves this problem for the analyst.

HBGary Flypaper loads as a device driver and blocks all attempts to exit a process, end a thread, or delete memory. All components used by the malware will remain resident in the process list, and will remain present in physical memory. The entire execution chain is reported so you can follow each step. Then, once you dump physical memory for analysis, you have all the components 'frozen' in memory - nothing gets unloaded. All of the evidence is there for you.

HBGary Flypaper is designed to be used with a virtual machine. Once activated, Flypaper will also block network traffic to and from the machine. If you are using HBGary Responder with the virtual machine, only the traffic to and from Responder is allowed, effectively quarantining the malware for analysis. (Note, this blocking operation would not block NDIS level rootkit material, only malware that uses the existing TCP/IP stack.)

You can get it from the HBGary website. (www.hbgary.com)